7 Sign Your Houseplant Need Light Adjustment

Houseplant - Most green plants have green leaves, right? So, most people assume they need lots of light. But every plant actually has a preferred level of light.

Experiments have shown that plants need light to grow, but many plants also need a certain wavelength of light, and certain kinds of plants prefer lower light levels. So, some plants need lots of light, but others need more.

You can figure out which plants need which light levels by experimenting with your light source.

7 Sign Your Houseplant Need Light Adjustment

Plants need every available speck of light to grow. If the light in your room is adequate, your plants should be fine. But sometimes plants need more light than they currently get. Here are a few signs that tell you this is the case.

  • First, look for dark green leaves. If they are healthy, they are exposed to the sun. The plant needs to photosynthesize, or convert light into energy, for healthy growth.
  • Second, the leaves should show healthy color. If the leaves turn yellow or look sick, that’s a sign that the plant is receiving insufficient light.
  • Third, check the stems of the plant. If they are healthy, they are probably receiving enough light.
  • Fourth, look for buds. If there aren’t any buds, chances are the plant isn’t receiving enough light.
  • Fifth, good air circulation doesn’t hurt either. If the plant’s leaves are dry, it might be ready to die.
  • Sixth, check the roots. If their roots are healthy, they are probably receiving enough light.
  • Seventh, remember, plants need water, too, so check the roots as well. If the roots are healthy, they are probably receiving enough light. Most houseplants prefer indirect sunlight.

How to Help Plants Get the Right Amount of Light?

  1. The best way to make for the lack of sunlight is to change the location. Where they can get more light, depending on the type of plant you’re growing.
  2. You can also put them near a west or south-facing window but make sure you are not exposing the plant to harsh sun.
  3. If the sunlight (direct or indirect) in your home is not enough, you can also go for the supplemental grow lights.

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